1. Ep 1. Sprinkles and Buttons are trapped in a car.
  2. Ep 2. Sprinkles and Buttons wait patiently for their owner to return.
  3. Ep 3. Sprinkles tries to teach Buttons how to act more like a "city" dog.
  4. Ep 4. Sprinkles and Buttons get lost.
  5. Ep 5. Sprinkles tries to teach Buttons how to mate with the opposite sex.
  6. Ep 6. Holly, their dog owner, gets ready for her series of dates who all have to meet her dogs first.
  7. Ep 7. Holly dresses up her dogs in lady outfits much to the dismay of her pets.
  8. Ep 9. Everything changes in this dramatic season finale of Sprinkles and Buttons.
  9. Ep 8. Sprinkles and Buttons question some matters between them
  10. Blooper Reel